I just wanted to do a quick 'check-in' with myself and my New Year's Resolution list.

  1. Read the Top 100 Best Novels. 
  2. Become a Big Sister. (I have done this, and it is going well)
  3. Revamp my kitchen 
  4. Revamp my office space.  (Finished it this week!)
  5. Develop my photography skills.
  6. Update my wardrobe, by enhancing my dress collection. (It is becoming very respectable)
Where are you on your list of resolutions this year?  As we are entering a new season, maybe you should take a peek at your list again and see where it needs work, or what you can check off the list.  Damn, that feels good!
Stay Sweet,

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  1. Cheers from FTLOB! Just browsing by :D I need to work out my new year resolutions, lol. But reading 100 novels definitely would be on the list!