Daily Candy ~ Outfit of the Week

I just wanted to try rocking a sweet little dress and some wedges this weekend.  I  must say I was sat-is-fied.  And, I don't think it could have got any more windy.  Geesh.

PS. check out the little cutie! (that's Alabama, the sweetest boy)

Dress: Target
Shoes: Target
Jacket: Levi's
Belt: Gap

Stay Sweet,


  1. hi! I love your blog! I addad your button to my sidebar, and if you like my blog (http://avaluves.blogspot.com) i would not mind if you linked back to me ^^

  2. Cute outfit. An adorable white furry friend in the background too! Enjoyed visiting your blog this morning. Now following, come my corner and say hello :)
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  3. You are so cute, and your hair is GORGEOUS. Love your little dog in the background!

  4. Thanks so much guys! I am glad somebody else thinks that little baby is cute!