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Daily Candy ~ Outfit of the Week

This weekend I got to model for Retro Vixen at Rock Culture Convention.  Melissa picked out a cute 1950's style Bathing Suit with some back seamed fishnet hose.  So cute! Here are some pictures from the event.

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Makeout Monday~ Things I love this week

I will call this the favorite person(s) of my life post :)

<3 Christina Hendricks <3

<3 Gwen Stefani <3

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Sweet, Sweet Sunday Easter Edition

Easter was awesome at my house this year.  After year of going to one of Tim's grandparents' house, we decided to break with tradition and invite his parents, sister and brother-in-law, nephew, maternal grandparents, paternal grandmother and my father to Easter Dinner.  Well, I have been a vegetarian for 23 years, and with no plans of changing, sometimes I just have to suck it up and take on for the team.

Two years ago, I baked my first turkey for Thanksgiving, so this I decided to brave it with cooking a ham.  It turned out wonderful, or so I have been told.  I was scared, but I got over it.

My Menu:
Deviled Eggs
Dessert Pies
Homemade Rolls

Side Note: I did have a run in with glass breaking.  Little did I know that this fancy schmancy glass pitcher, that came with a GLASS MIXING STICK, would break and flood Strawberry Bellini Mix all over my kitchen moments before my guest arrived.  DO NOT MIX GLASS WITH GLASS. That is the lesson learned.

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Bad Shoes = Good Times

Remember the Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Prom Dresses Experience 2011?  Yeah, well my friend Ashley and I decided to continue to fantasy, but this time is was inspired by the ugliest shoes we could find at DSW.  Now, don't get me wrong, I have found some pretty awesome shoes from DSW, but on this particular day, it was a non scoring situation.

Behold the shoe style at a time....

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Yes those are clogs with the fur.

 Bad Shoes + Friends = Good Times

A Call for May Sponsors

I may be small, but I pack a mighty punch :)  This is my call for May Sponsors!  With such a great run of new sponsors right now, you would be foolish to not add yourself to my Sponsors "wall of fame"!  I am just a lifestyle blog, so I am unique in that I am not selling anything, just promoting the businesses of others!

New Sponsor Info for Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth 

There are three options to choose from:

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If you have any questions please email me at and I would be happy to help!  I need submissions by April 30th, please!

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A little sneak peek

My super cute, and super sweet friend recently started a little candy making venture, Joy Joy Confections.  I just recently purchased a very cute little set of handmade candy teeth from her for my bosses.  

Here is a little sneak peek of the cuties!  Ai Carver will be featured in an upcoming spotlight interview, but I just had to share this now!

This molar is sad, cause he has a cavity.

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What's in my bag? Edition 2.0

This time, it's not what's in my bag, it's What's in my Makeup Bag.  Well, Makeup Case, that is.

I just got this sweet Makeup Case from Retro Vixen, about a month ago.  I love it to death! It keeps everything I have that involves beauty, along with the ease of traveling with it.

So some of my very favorite items in my makeup case right now:
1. Sephora Makeup Brushes.   These are the best brushes I have used.  I love them, plus they come in a cute pink case.
2. Tarte Jewels of the Amazon Clay Liner.  Amazing eye liner. Goes on like a liquid, but stays like a pencil.  <3
3. Bare Minerals.  This stuff changed the way I felt about makeup.
4. Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes.
5. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
6. Marc Jacobs Daisy

There is so much more jam packed into that case, but those are my favorites for right now? What are you loving for spring/summer?

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The Girl of my Dreams 2

Here is the finale to my photo shoot back in March! I love it soooo much!
Those gals at Vixen Pinup Photography really know their stuff!
Remember, mention this blog and receive $50 off the purchase of a $200 + package!

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Shoe Dazzle, You Dazzle Daily Candy

Okay, I know I have talked about this numerous times, but Shoe Dazzle is amazing.  If you have not, at least, checked this site out, you need too.

Visit Shoe Dazzle to check it out.  I have been a member for just a short while, and every order that I have received has been awesome! I always get compliments on my shoes, wherever I am, and people ask "where did you get those shoes?".  It is usually from shoe dazzle.

Here are just some of the fantastic finds I have received.
Spectator Platforms, and yes they have little tassles.

Cream & Burgandy Spectator Peep Toes.

Green Python print Flats.

Retro Blue Peep Toe Pumps

Blue Suede didn't do any harm to Elvis

Modern Oxford Heels

The Be All, End All Black Bandage Heels

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