Sweetness from the boss

Today was a day of surprises!  When I arrived at work this morning, with only the thoughts of "we are going to have the longest, most boring meeting about the employee handbook.", boy was I wrong.

The day started out with me rolling out of bed 30 minutes later than I usually do.  I had two choices when getting ready.  1. Do a really nice job on my makeup, or 2. Do a really nice job on my hair.  No, I didn't think to do a half assed job on both.  It was one or the other.  I chose makeup.  I thought, "Today is going to be a meeting day, so I will just throw my damp hair into a pony and be done with it."

When I finally did get to work, there was a limo waiting to take me and my co-workers to the fancy, schmancy Country Club Plaza for breakfast and a manicure or pedicure, all on our boss.  What a fantastic surprise! It didn't stop there, we got spending money and the objective that we had to spend it all!

I pretty much scored on the spending all my money.  I purchased two new handbags and several cute items from the Gap.  All in all, it was nice to feel pampered and get a little R&R since we have been working like mad fools the past couple of months!

Stay Sweet,

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