Sweet, Sweet Sunday

Omg guys! I got my new little sister a couple of weeks ago.  As you know it was one of my New Year's Resolutions to get a little sister with the Big Brother, Big Sister organization.  Well check it off the list cause it is done!

 Her name is Alexis and she is fourteen years old, through and through.  The best part of this process, I think, is experiencing what it is like to be a teenager again! It is so funny, and for me, it gives meaning to my life as an adult because it puts things in perspective, BIG TIME.

Alexis and I went out for dinner and a little shopping.  I have never once stepped foot into a Holister store before that day.  Not because I have anything against it, but because I wasn't sure it really reflected my style.  

A fourteen year old proved me wrong.  I got a couple of cute sweaters that I loved introducing into my freshly purged wardrobe (See Here) and shared a fun time with a girl that opened my eyes to possibilities!

She also talked me into this new phone cover.  Really she didn't "talk" me into it, I wanted it, but we both knew it was fabulous!

I can't wait to continue documenting this process.

Stay Sweet,


  1. Visiting from FTLOB! How lovely to be a big sister! I've always wanted to do that. Maybe I will...

    By the way, I'm a new follower! Nice to meet you! =)

  2. I love this blog hopping! You should for sure check into the Big Sister program in your area! It is beneficial to both you and your community.

  3. I've always wanted to be a big sister, but I just don't think I have time right now :/...

    Visiting from FTLOB. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!