Spotlight Interview ~ Meredith Host

My second spotlight interview is with a sassy and, ultimately, one of the raddest girls i know Meredith Host of Folded Pigs.  Her and I got to be a part of the beginnings of the Kansas City Roller Warriors, the local roller derby team to Kansas City.  I am so lucky to have got to know her and fell deeply in love with her and her art form.  

Please stop by her etsy store, Folded Pigs, for a peek at some very awesome dinner ware.

You can also visit her studio blog, Sweet Nothings, or her other works of art at Meredith Host .

She is a local artist to Kansas City but has been featured in Bust Magazine, Country Living Magazine and as a featured seller on 

Where are you from?

I grew up in Detroit Rock City, but currently live in Kansas City.

How did you get your etsy store started?

During grad school (I went to Ohio State University for ceramics), our clay club decided to have a Valentine's Day sale to help raise money to bring in visiting artists. I had a few random dishes to decal, so on a whim I made some with the "i love you more than zombies love brains" and "eat your heart out" designs. There was a crazy snowstorm the day of our sale and school was canceled. Needless to say, the sale did not do so well. I had a small stack of dishes left over, and about a month prior has opened up an etsy shop. I put the dishes up in my shop (early 2007) and they sold rather quickly. And that's when the orders started rolling in... I like to say that I accidentally started a business while in grad school.

What inspires you?

Zombies, brains, vintage medical illustrations, humor, puns, wit, the grotesque, horror movies, pirates, skeletons, eating, attraction/repulsion, bugs, things you maybe wouldn’t want to see on your dinner plate, etc.etc.etc.

How long have you been creating these fabulous items?

Since 2007

What celebrity would you most like to use your items? 
Martha Stewart! I don’t think she’d use the dishes as everyday dishes, but maybe just seasonally for Halloween. Martha…Hello? Are you there?

If you had to use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be? 


what is your biggest pet peeve?

Ugh…when people say “anyways”. IT'S NOT A WORD!!! It’s ANYWAY…no “S”. it’s awful to hear it said out loud, and maybe even worse to see it typed out.

What are your favorite websites?, (I like to stream tv shows and movies…A LOT), (yay for rad design!),, (I like to buy stuff), (I wear her skirts everyday).

What is your dream job? 

I think I might have it already! I get to work in my studio full time and make my functional handmade from scratch porcelain pottery as well as work on my foldedpigs line. Ultimately I would love for my studio artwork to completely support me financially, but until then, foldedpigs helps save the day!

What would people be surprised to learn about you? 

I’m a fake redhead. Oh the shame. I’m totally intimidated by real redheads – I know they know I’m a fraud.

Stay Sweet,

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