Someone thinks I'm amazing!

So, I got a couple of awards to announce.  Which, in my small mind, makes me kind of excited! tee hee.  I know, I am kind of a nerd when it comes to new friends and blogging!

First, my dear friend Kodie, over at Cheap Momma, gave me a stylish blogger award. Ooh La La, right?!?!?  Kodie and I have been friend for what seems like ages and now she is a pretty fab momma of two darling girls!  Here blog is so cute and funny!  Be sure to stop by and leave a nice comment.

Second, a *new* friend in the blogosphere, Amanda, at Away Beyond, gave me a versatile blogger award.  Who knew? Well I really appreciate it, that's who knew! She has a fantastic blog that is beautiful and bursting with kindness and wonderful new ideas! I am glad to add her blog to my daily reads!

With these two awards, comes much responsibility.  (ha ha)  I have to list 8 things about myself.  I know, 8 things that you don't already know, this might be hard.

  1. I am a vegetarian, and have been for going on 23 years.  I am the only vegetarian in my family.  
  2. I love dogs, sometimes more than I do humans.  (especially little tiny dogs)
  3. I am scared to death of sharks.  Not like "oh those are scary."  I mean like I would go into cardiac arrest if I saw a shark in real life.  I can't even watch cartoon sharks.  It is embarrassing to admit, especially since I live in the midwest, but true.  Pathetic
  4. I do not want to have children, ever.
  5. I have been married for 9 years, tomorrow(!)
  6. If I could, I would love to own and operate a rescue animal farms.
  7. I always wanted to be a doctor.
  8. I love candy and dessert more than anything in the world.  Well, candy, desserts, and sparkly things.

I would like to these awards to
Linda at Rose a la Mode
Rachel at Smile and Wave
Stay Sweet,


  1. I am terrified of sharks too! I've watched too many "shark attack" shows, I think. I love the ocean, but every time I go in, I freak myself out about sharks. And congrats on your wedding anniversary!


  2. has it really been 9 years since i watched you walk down that aisle? that was a beautiful day! congrats!! heart you!