Shape up your closet ~ I 4.5

Styled by a Sweet Tooth

My dear friends, Cate, Megan, and myself had  quite the closet purging.  We met at Cate's house midday on Sunday to start the event.

Let me preface this story with, Cate has three closets.  Yes three.  We purged everything down to one closet of clothes and her new "Accessories" Closet. (shoes, necklaces, belts, scarves, etc)

This was a daunting task, and took us several hours, but after we were finished, we had a LOT to show for it.  Cate is going to donate all her old formal wear and formal shoes to a place that helps underprivelaged girls find dress for Prom and Homecoming!  She also started a sell pile (sell as in take name brands to Plato's closet or Ditto, a local boutique that sells gently used clothing) and additionally, a sale pile, as in, we are having a garage sale :)

Here are some photos of our journey!~
That's who!

Towards the end, starting to see the transformation

What a pile we are making

Yikes, Cate, this was never a good choice!

Wire hanger hell.....

This is where we ended.  A full closet, and a lot of "donation" sacks!

No more wire hangers, NO MORE WIRE HANGERS EVER!

The humble beginning of her new closet

Megan held onto the trashy wire hangers :)
Stay Sweet,


  1. Good job, ladies! Keep her from only wearing blacks and whites though! That girl needs some color in her life and her wardrobe! And YES, get rid of that white lace thing! : )

  2. I know! She love gray, black, and white! We had a few punches of color every now and then. lol!