Shape up your closet ~ I 3.0

This is the third installment of shaping up your closet.  Visit 1.0 and 2.0 to catch up.  In this third part, we are going to learn how to Display your Style.

Have you ever noticed that when you walk (in)to you closet, and it is in complete disarray, you seem to think you have nothing to wear?  I was doing that far too frequently.  I know that I have plenty of clothes to wear, however, peeking into that closet, seemed as though I was looking at an aftermath of a natural disaster.

Since starting this journey, you have 1. Purged your closet and 2. Inventoried your closet.  The next natural progression is to refill your closet and display it in a way that makes sense to you.  Do you have a hard time pairing clothes up?  Then "pre-style" your closet.  Hang clothes that mix and match together.  Do you want to work out your OCD on your closet? Then hang your items in a color coordinating theme.  I prefer to hang my item according to type.  Tank Tops together, Dresses together, T-shirts together, jackets together.  (See the trend?)  You can do this with whatever makes sense to you.  That is what makes it a "working" closet.

During this time, it is also great to update your organization means.  This was the chance for me to get rid of ALL WIRE HANGERS! I hate them.  It also was my chance to purchase a belt rack, and hat rack for our closet.  Plus some all purpose bins.

I have stumbled upon some creative ways to organize jewelry within your closet and I wanted to share that with you as well.  I haven't embarked upon creating this just yet, but will soon because I have a lot of jewelry and a very little jewelery box :)

These are both ideas from  I love this because I am always finding cute mismatched tea cups or saucers in vintage stores.  Easy and affordable way to store many accessories.  The second idea is great too because it moves stores out of a drawer and onto the wall.  It is simply an old box repainted and fit with a new modern liner with decorative pins attached to hang pieces up.  This is great because it moves storage out of precious dresser space and onto the wall.

This DIY idea is from an blog I stumbled upon.  A great look and  a nice way to store your jewelry, while displaying it as well!

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