Shape up your closet ~ I 2.0

If you are just checking in, visit Installment 1.0.  We are now going to Inventory your style.  Yes, I said inventory.  It might seem like a daunting task, but it will be well worth the work.

When I started this, I knew that I needed to build a business wardrobe.  I knew that as a twenty something year old, I would soon need to start interviewing for a career, and in order to get a career, I would have to go to job interviews.  Nothing says "don't hire me" like showing up in horrible clothing and not making a great first impression.

I hate that society still bases what they think about you on how you look, but that is the way it is folks.  I was raised with the mind set of 'fake it til you make it' and I think this helped shape my idea of fashion.  I do not have a money tree growing outside of my house, nor do I have a healthy bank roll of unlimited funds to shop on, so I faked it.

I dress for where I want to go, or where I want to be, not where I am right now.  Impressing the right people in life will help you get opportunities you never thought you could and this is where inventorying your wardrobe starts.

1.  Since you have purged your closet, make a list of all the items that you have.
           Example:  White Button Down Shirt, Plaid Trousers, Black V Neck Sweater, etc...

Now that you have a list of all the Business Clothes in your closet you can see where the gaps are.  Every woman should own at least:
a. One pair of great fitting black pants
b. Several button down shirts in your favorite colors, one needs to be white, one needs to be black
c. One pair of great fitting trousers (brown, grey, charcoal)
d. One black pencil skirt
e. Several cardigan sweaters or V neck sweaters assorted colors
f. One or two fitted blazers.  

These very basic items are a way to mix and match several times to create different looks, that with accessories, can change ordinary to extraordinary!

2.  You can use this Inventory where ever your closet needs help.  Maybe you have a great business wardrobe, but it is your everyday style that is lacking.  Make an inventory list of your everyday items.  Do you need new jeans?  Add some spice to your style by introducing new colors for spring with a new shirt.

The philosophy is simple.  Look at what you have, and use one style but classic items to fill in the gaps.  Don't try to fill your closets with super trendy items, because that is what got you to this point right now :)

When you closet is "in shape" then you can add in the trendy items.  You need to build the bones of your closet with classic items that won't go out of style, then slip in a pair of leather leggings, or buy the plaid blazer you have been ogling. 

Remember you don't have to have a pile of money to have great style, just fake it till you make it.  I do, everyday :)

Stay Sweet,

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