My week in photos

I had extra time to really fix my hair for work on Monday, so I did it up! Also I am fortunate enough to work above a delicious natural food market. I think of it as a tiny whole foods. So lunch is usually a delicious salad from their salad bar. Or a very tasty cup of soup.

Wednesday was also my 9 year anniversary. We went to abuelos for dinner that night. Not because it is our very favorite, but because they sent me an anniversary coupon. I know, silly, but I knew we were going to take a long weekend to celebrate, so abuelos is where we went.

Today we are in Weston MO at our favorite B&B and later going to eat at our very favorite restaurant, The Vineyards.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend with the one(s) they love!

Xoxo Kem

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