The Snow Cocoon and other tales

This week has been so crazy.  Not only has it been freezing, and snowy, I lost my favorite earrings.  Actually the story starts way back on Tuesday.  It is always rough to start the year out with a really rough day, it is equally as rough to start the month out of the wrong foot.

Kansas City got pummeled with snow on Tuesday.  Not quite as bad as Chicago, but still a lot of snow.  I think at our house we have 14 inches of snow on the ground, that does not include the drifts.

So, this is how the story begins.  I had to go into work on Tuesday.  It started out just like any other Tuesday, until the snow arrived.  Being so lucky that my office has HUGE windows in the clinic area, I got to watch as the snow started to collect and pile up on the parking lot.  Patients still came in, strangely enough, and we decided to work through our lunch and leave with our last patient at 2:45.  Well, by the time 3:00 rolled around the roads were in a horrible condition, and because of the wind, visability was nearly nothing.  (PS I also had on scrubs.  Which, in a normal situation is awesome, when it is freezing outside, I may as well have been wearing nothing.)

What usually takes me 10 minutes to get home, turned into a different story.  I ended up getting stuck on an outer road, that I have never in my life been on.  After panicing and screaming, and cussing, I called the husband and he said in the calmest voice he could, "I will be there when I can, but I'm in Overland Park, Katty." (That is in Kansas, people, at least a 45 minute drive on a good day). So I knew I was in for a long, long wait.  After I realized this, my stomach started to grumble.  Oh, yeah, I didn't get time to eat lunch, and since I am such a genius, I didn't eat breakfast either.  Well all I had was a pack of gum, which I chewed the whole pack except for three pieces, and a Coke Zero.

I waited for one hour, then decided to pop open the Coke.  Yeah, that didn't go over very well, because the stupid can flew out of my hands, onto the floorboard, and sprayed out everywhere, except in my mouth. GEEEEZZZZ Snow! Give me a freaking break!

Finally tim & co (his friend Mark and our neighbor Richard) arrived and whisked me away to safety. I ended up having to wait almost 3 hours in my snow cocoon.  I had to leave my car. My new car.  Abandoned in a neighborhood I did not know.  So, with no other choice, I rode home with Richard, only to realize Tim had my house keys.  After falling three times, losing my favorite earrings, and filling my purse with snow, I got inside only to hear the ringing of our house alarm.  This is the point that I knew Tuesday February 1st was sucking more than I could imagine.

I guess the positives were: 1. I didn't die.  2. I didn't have to sleep in my car.  3.  I wasn't in Chicago having to stay in a "warming van".  So all in all I learned, don't go into neighborhoods you have never been in trying to find a "flat" way home when you are in a blizzard.

Lesson learned.

Stay Sweet,

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