Shape up your closet ~ I 1.0

Welcome to installment 1 of shaping up your closet.  This has been an idea very near and dear to my mind, but held at arms distance to my heart. I am in no way asserting that I am an expert, I just have had it with my black hole of a closet, and the stress it brings me :)

You see, I am an avid collector of sorts.  I like to collect shoes, belts, clothes, bags, etc... You name it and I love it.  The problem is some where along the way my "collection" became very muddled and without direction.  You can't have true personal style when your closets runs the gamut of bohemian chic skirts and tunics all the way to the romanticism of lace and floral pieces or a slew of punk rock look held over from high school.

I very much am and old soul.  I feel as though some how I was born in the wrong decade and most certainly in the wrong part of the country.  Along with these vintage feelings, I am getting older (although I will always tell you I am 24) and I need my wardrobe to reflect how I feel and where I am in my life.  I am fortunate enough to have a well paying job, and I should be able to be comfortable, but, you know, look the part of a fun loving, vintage inspired, well paid adult.

This is where my journey begins.....

1.  Knowing your personal style.  Take a good, hard look at your closet.  Are you wearing 10% of the clothes you own because the other 90% either doesn't fit, or you hate it.  This is exactly where I found myself.  Loathing my closet, but continuing to shop.  Don't they say the first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem?  Well my problem was I am attracted to bohemian, flowy, hippie like prints, and style.  I do not fit any the the aforementioned ideas.  For some reason I am drawn, if not carried, to these types of clothes.  I have hangers full of tunics, and maxi dresses, and peasant, no, no, no.....these had to go.

      If you don't know your personal style and seem to have a closet that is all over the place, find your most honest stylish friend and take her shopping.  Try on all sorts of clothes from different styles and find what suites you.  If you live in jeans and t-shirts, then find jeans that look amazing on you. Next find shirts that resemble the cloth of a t-shirt and formulate your style from there.

Within this installment, cleaning out your closet is the first step.  If it is too big, or too small, get rid of it.  If you haven't worn it in 6 months, then guess what? You aren't going to wear it.  If is has holes, or a safety pin holding it together, get rid of it.  I know this is so super hard, but well worth the process.

When you are finished clearing out the confusion, go through your "get rid of" pile one more time.  If there are any items that you are still not sure you want to get rid of separate it out.  Think of it as archiving.  At the end of this cleansing period, know where your "get rid of" pile is going, and get it there.  Are you going to donate it to Goodwill?  If so, take it there.  Or find a local women's shelter that is accepting donations in your area.  Just because you don't want to wear it, doesn't mean it isn't fabulous in another persons arms :)

Just remember, through this process you are moving out the bad, and bringing in the good!

Keep me posted with how your process is going.  Mine is heading in the right direction, even though parting is such sweet sorrow.



  1. I so want to clean out my closet but I have no money to refill it! I will refer to this plan when I am rich. =)
    Love your pink hair! I would love to do that to mine but I'm pretty sure I would look crazy! You pull it off so well!

  2. Thanks so much!

    Really keep reading this installment, I think you will be surprised at how easy it is to gain style without spending too much money! I promise! At the heart of it, I am too much of a bargain shopper to pay full price for anything