Shoot for the Moon, land amongst the stars.

Yes, every new year I make resolutions.  Sometimes I get them checked off the list.  Sometimes, I make them knowing I will never accomplish them, but that is the fun of it...knowing that you should strive for newness or greatness. 

Resolute.  The dictionary defines this as
1. firm in purpose or belief; steadfast
2. characterized by resolution; determined: a resolute answer. 
I love this concept.  Being firm in purpose or belief.  Resolutions should be made in firmness with the mindset of conquering. 

2011 Resolutions or Things I want to accomplish :)
  1. Read the Top 100 Best Novels.  Some of these I have already read, but I will mostly re-read them as it has been years ago.  I love a good book! 
  2. Become a Big Sister.  (Finish application process)
  3. Revamp my kitchen and office space. The inspiration in the office is a bit of mary engelibreit mixed with vintage.  My kitchen wish is white walls, tin backsplash, jadeite collection and stainless steel shelves.

4.  Develop my "teeth" at photography.  With my new Canon Ti1, it should be a breeze.
    This list isn't long, but to me, it might take all 365 days!

    Stay Sweet,


      1. One day I would like to become a Big Sister and think it's wonderful that you are doing it.

      2. Oh you should! I can't wait to get started! I know it is going to be fun!