Make out Mondays ~Things i love this week~

1. I am thinking it is time for a re-do.  A kitchen re-do that it.  I am not quite sure, I am still on the fence with this one, but I may go for all white walls, white cabinets, beautiful light colored granite, with a tin backsplash and newly tiled floors.  The punch of color can come from some new stainless steel shelves displaying a lovely new collection of Jadeite. (source)
This is going to take time and money.  Lots of time, and some money, so I am thinking this is going to have to just serve as a pipe dream, for now.
2.  Style via Mad Men Inspirations.  If you haven't seen Mad Men yet, then well either Netflix it, or shoot yourself in the leg.  (Where have you been?!?!)  This show has not only inspired me to want to drink bourbon all day, but given me a new style icon(s) to follow.
Christian Hendricks, the brazen red haired secretary, is one of my favorites! She is beautiful, sexy, curvy women and I love how she accessorizes everything!  It makes me want to have red hair, although, I am best as a blonde!
As great place to integrate some 60's style fashion into your wardrobe is Target.  I know, I know, you are thinking "Target, really?".  Yes, Target.....really.  They have a Merona Collection line that screams Mad Men.  Most dresses are under $39.99, and that to me is a steal, considering its trendiness right now.

3. The Cooking Channel.  Move over Food Network, here comes a better channel.  This is like a better version of Food Network.  I love Food Network, but I am so tired of watching "cooking challenge" shows.  I don't really care that so and so can build a cake that is 10 feet tall and shoots rockets.  What I really care about is new ideas of what to cook for dinner next week.  This channel show familiar show, with familiar faces like Tyler Florence and Rachel Ray, but it also introduces you to many other chefs with great points of view. Plus some good shows that showcase different restaraunts to try (Unique Eats) or up and coming items (Foodcrafters).  If you like to cook, then check out this channel!

What are some of your favorite things this week?

Stay Sweet,


  1. oh good lord Kem. we are so on the same wavelength. i already redid my kitchen, but jadeite...i swoon! and i actually haven't seen any Mad Men, but i am getting a Netflix account JUST to rent all 4 seasons! YAY!

  2. The Cooking Channel is owned by Scripps, which also owns the Food Network. They created the Cooking Channel so that the Food Network could move even further into all the crappy reality and challenge shows while the cooking channel takes the shows that are actually interesting.

    In honor of Mad Men, I've decided that I will be drinking all day at work. I told my boss to not be surprised if I wet my pants during a meeting.

  3. Kodie: I am so proud of you! Mad Men! YAY!!! Also, I always knew we were kindred spirits, I always knew it!

    Jim: I wish I could drink all day at work. That sure would make the day go by faster :)