Makeout Mondays ~ Things I love this week

There are a few things that will always, always grab my attention when I am out shopping.  One of them is jackets.  Or coats.  I love all sorts of outside "coverings".  From hoodies to swing coats, capes to down jackets.  I love them all.  Here are a few I have found.  Just add it to my lengthy wish list!

This one comes in so many colors, you would be crazy not to want it!

This jacket will stand the test of time,and the test of trendiness. 

And last, but not least, Kate Spade.
This coat is gorgeous!  I love the vibrant color and the slight military styling, making it a great find for Fall/Winter 2010.  The elements are not so trendy that it will be out of style next year.  It looks both modern and vintage at the same time.  That is a style that I not only love, but gravitate towards.

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