Sweetness Overload ~ DIY

You know when you are out at a thrift store, or a flea market, there is always that one section of dishware, that you can stare endlessly at and wonder "What could I do with all this stuff?"  Well, here is an idea. I like to think of it as a vintage treasure display.  Simply, it is vintage, mismatched china plates combined with mismatching taper candlestick holders or bud vases to create something new and fabulous!
Really you could use these for anything.  Cake displays (maybe cupcake displays), jewelry displays.  I use mine to hold perfume and pretty bottles of face wash in my bathroom, and the one near my nightstand holds rings and necklaces.

This crafty trick is super simple. Pick up an assortment of vintage china plates.  They can be mismatched, or even matching ones would be cute, especially in a group setting. Next, make sure to grab a couple of candlestick holders in varying heights and sizes.  Thrift stores ALWAYS seem to have these. Take all your treasures home to assemble.

What you will need:
  • Spray paint.  (any color you would like to paint the candle holders.  I chose metallic colors in silver and hammered copper.)
  • gorilla glue.  *side note* I tried super glue and it did NOT do the trick, so gorilla glue it is.
  • Your assembly of plates and candle holders.
First paint your candlestick holders and allow to dry.  After they are dry, you will want to make sure your plates are free of dust, dirt, and price tags.  Lay out an old sheet or drop cloth.  Decide which plates will look best with which candle holder by trying out several combinations.  Let your eye be your guide!
 Apply a small layer of glue around the rim of the candlestick and with the plate laying face down adhere the candle holder to the center of the plate.  *This is important do not move the plates or candle holders.  let them dry overnight, even if your think they are dry, they are not.  Turning these treasure right side up now, just to sneak a peak will encourage the smallest amount of glue to run down the candle holder and onto your very cute table runner and ruin it, I mean, cause drips.  Can you tell I know this from experience?*

After you have let them dry, you are free to use them how you please.  I would love to see how you take this fun idea and make it your own.

Stay Sweet,

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