Make-out Mondays ~Things I love this week



 1.  Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunnies. 

2.  Hunter Wellies  I am ***IN LOVE*** with these boots.  I am going to Ireland in 2012 with some friends (I know its 'in advance' but a girls' gotta save) and I just know I am going to be so glad I got a pair before I go.  Besides, if they are good enough for Nicole Richie and Kate Moss to clunk around it, I think I can definitely wear them with confidence.

3. Heys Luggage. This, too, is something I want before I travel the globe.  They are a hard shell luggage and anyone who has traveled anywhere knows luggage gets torn up.  I currently have a beautiful teal Diane Von Furstenberg bag that is tore to shreds courtesy of Delta Airlines.  So, I am in need of an update.

4. Yogurtini. If you have not been to this place, and you LOVE frozen yogurt, then RUN, don't walk to get to one nearby.  I love, love, love this place.  It never gets old and it is completely customized to your palate. Yogurtini® strives to bring you only the finest frozen yogurts and toppings.  There are 16 different flavors to choose from and over 70 different toppings to help you create the dessert of your dreams.  My favorite is the House Plain Tart Yogurt with granola and chocolate chips.  Delish!

5.  Neko Case. I have really enjoyed Neko Case's music for awhile now, but right now her album is on repeat in my head and earphones.  Her voice is like honey to me.  Smooth, sweet, and completely addictive.

Stay Sweet,

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