The Amanda Dress by Voodoo Vixen with Discount Code!

Voodoo Vixen sent me this stunning black wiggle dress, The Amanda, for review.  Not only did I get to wear a show stopping dress to a wedding, but I also got to wear it after I got engaged!

Needless to say, I am going to be pretty partial to this dress for pretty much ever.  Enough about me though, lets talk dress!

The dress is made of a stretch blend fabric, but has an adorable peacock feather detail that is in velvet.  The dress is very light weight, so it is perfect for spring evening wear.  You won't feel weighed down by the fabric, but it is sturdy enough to help perfect the much coveted hour glass shape.

My favorite part of the detailing is actual the "fishtail side".  It adds a nice little detail to the already get shape this dress gives you.  The gathering of the dress across the midsection is also something to like if this is an area you like to camouflage.

 As a special discount to COAST readers, use the code "Katty20" to get 20% off your order.  
I can't wait to start my wedding planning.  I think a Voodoo Vixen Dress may have to make it's way into my wedding reception wear!

In the Kitchen with Green Chef

If you are not familiar with subscription boxes, or meals delivered to your door, let me be the first to introduce you.  Green Chef is a wholesome meal planning delivery service.  They will deliver three complete meals, once a week, and it is practically the best thing ever.

I know I am a busy person, and by the time I get home at night, the last thing I want to do is think about what I am cooking for dinner.  Most of the time, Johnny and I end up ordering a pizza, or going to Jason's Deli, or something of that nature.

The best part about Green Chef, is that they have several meal plans to choose from.  Everything is certified organic, no hormones, etc.  Additionally you can choose from vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore, even paleo plans.  It really does fit all lifestyles.

We chose to go with a the omnivore plan, as Johnny is a meat eater, so it would satisfy both of our eating habits.

You will get three meals in your order and they each come color coded, packed and with a step by step cooking instruction page.  Not one of the meals I received took over 45 minutes from start to finish.

The first meal we prepared was Vegetable Tartine with roasted sweet potatoes and a walnut arugula salad..  This was quite possibly one of the best things I have eaten in awhile.  It was a little adventurous (pickled beet hummus) but so completely delicious.

Everything is perfectly portioned, so you get so full, but don't feel like you are going to go into food coma.  The instructions are super easy to follow, so even if you are not a chef extraordinaire you are going to be able to do this!

The second meal I have prepared so far was Spring Roasted Chicken with vegetables.  I obviously didn't eat it, as I am a vegetarian, but boy did it smell good.  Johnny was a pleased man after this meal.

Another great part of this company is they show all the suppliers their food is sourced from, and you can see your menu that is being planned.  If you want to opt out of a week or so, you just opt out, no pressure.  You can also change your menu items if there is something that isn't your favorite.

I can't wait to get my next shipment.  In fact, Green Chef has offer my readers a special discount code for 4 free meals with your first order!  Follow any of the links in this post to get your discount code!

If you do decide to try this company out, even if it is only once a month, I would love to know your experience.

Vinyl Me, Please Review

Vinyl Me, Please

My love of records, knows no bounds.  My boyfriend's love of records, knows no bounds.  We are a family that loves vinyl.

When I think of records, it brings about a lot of memories.  My mother and father had lots of them growing up, and we played them quite a bit.  Especially during the holidays.  No christmas tree was decorated without the our ears being piqued by the sounds of the record player.

Vinyl Me, Please is a company that is actually quite different in the realm of the "subscription box" days.  Plans start at $23 per month, and there are perks that go along with it, not just a new record

How it works:

The monthly box is delivered to your door with the chosen album of the month, a 12x12 art print and a custom cocktail pairing recipe.  

Vinyl Me, Please is a record of the month club that believes in the power of the album as an art form. For us, music isn’t just something we listen to, it’s a part of us. We believe that albums are meant to be connected with and enjoyed as a complete work of art. Vinyl, as a medium, creates an environment for this connection through deep, active listening…the music as the focus, rather than just background noise.
Each month we feature one album that is worthy of your time & attention, work with the artist & label on a custom pressing with exclusive features available only to Vinyl Me, Please. We package each record with a 12” x 12” album-inspired art print and custom cocktail pairing recipe and send it to your doorstep.

What I got:

Big Bill Broonzy.  This was right up my alley. Riiiiiiight up my alley.  Old folk that is jazzy and full of blues.  This was the February Album of the month and we partnered with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings to reissue the 1962 Big Bill Broonzy classic, ‘Big Bill Broonzy Sings Folk Songs’. This album shows Broonzy lending his unmatched blues vocals and propulsive guitar to classic folk songs. The album has been remastered exclusively for Vinyl Me, Please by the GRAMMY-award winning Pete Reiniger of Smithsonian Folkways.

The art included:
  • 12″ x 12″ original art print from New York-based artist McKenzie Nelson

Our house is alcohol free, so I will not be partaking in the cocktail recipes, but that doesn't need to stop you!  The recipe that accompanied this album is the Sidecar.  When I was a drinker, I did enjoy quite a few of these!

Lapsley is the next album I got for review.  Now, this is not something I would ever pick for myself to listen to.  It is kind of indie, kind of pop, kind of electronic.  I, however, do enjoy listening to new things.  Her voice is very melodic.  "There’s a dark, roiling hue to the pop sensibilities of Holly Låpsley Fletcher that hooked us in when we first heard her debut album Long Way Home. While her vocal & melodic prowess have the right ingredients for the next big pop star, the minimalist electronic underpinnings push her left of center in just the right way, keeping the listener from ever being able to completely pin her down. At 19, Låpsley has produced an album far beyond her years & one we’ll be quick to spin again and again."

The art included:
The cocktail recipe is for a Dark & Stormy.  I have never tried a Dark and Stormy, but I love(d) a good Moscow Mule (hello ginger beer!), so I bet this is a drink I would enjoy.

Nils Frahm was the final album for review, and one that I was not familiar with at all.  But, upon listening to this absolutely stunning arrangement of music, I am hooked.  "Part of our goal each month is to not just find great albums, but artists consistently pushing the boundaries of their respective genres.  Nils Frahm has always intrigued us as an artist for this very reason and of all his works,Spaces is a jaw-dropping tour through what makes him one of the most brilliant composers & performers of our generation." as described on the website.

The art included:
  • Original 12″ x 12″ art print courtesy of creative director, art and photography editor, designer, brand strategist, writer and illustratorMichael Salu
The cocktail recipe is an Ivory Sour, and one that looks a little labor intensive, but most good things are worth the wait, right?

Vinyl Me, Please is really a great upstart company, and one that if you enjoy music, you should at least look into.  The album for April is the Fugees, and hello, who wouldn't want this album in their collection?  I guess the only thing I have left to do is go purchase some frames to put my new art.

Stay Sweet,
Katty Delux

*these albums were sent as a courtesy from Vinyl Me Please for review.