Holiday Traditions

My Name's Ginger Corriell. Our family tradition started in England - my husband was in the Airforce at the time and we were stationed there. My birthday happens to be Christmas Day, which really sucks if I'm being honest! Every year we had to split our day between visiting my family and then his, and it was like my birthday didn't exist. 

Now that we were so far away, we were free to do whatever we wanted on Christmas. So, in the morning we do the standard opening presents with the kids deal, and then we eat eggs Benedict. We stay in our pjs all day, and then we munch on hot wings and other bad for you fried foods and the hubby and I drink bourbon old fashioneds and we watch old horror movies and MST3K all day. We eat sushi for Christmas dinner and have cheesecake, a lot more bourbon, and I open bday presents. We've continued it now that he's out and we're back home in Washington state. 

The best part is not leaving the house all damn day. It's the best! If family wants to see us on Christmas, they have to come to us. Because let's face it- we probably shouldn't be driving after all that bourbon anyway. Haha! 

The two professional pics I've attached are by H.A.R.D. Photography, and the other is my drink on Christmas. We don't actually have any of the tradition because we're so lazy all day on xmas!

Holiday Traditions

Name: Alixis Lupien
Living: currently living in California, but grew up in Texas

Holiday tradition: I grew up and was taught the traditions of Christmas, as practiced by a traditional Christian church. As I became older and realized that I no longer believed in that system, I began to adopt a more pagan view of the holiday, while keeping my most favorite traditions, such as the Christmas tree, presents, and the acts of giving. 

Why it is special: this time of year is my absolute favorite. It's so special to me, because we have more time to spend with our loved ones. The house is permeated with smells of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves, sweets are plentiful, and comfort is key. This is the time when the skies are overcast, temperatures are cool, and hearts are warm. It's the time of rebirth. That's probably why the Catholic Church decided to use this time to celebrate the birth of their Christ, instead of the actual birth date. 

Christmas, for me, is a time to be connected to the energies around me and to give back to them however I can.

Holiday Traditions

Name: Lauren R.

On Thanksgiving day, after the parade, my sister and I watch Miracle on 34th St and White Christmas, every year.  This began when we were children, watching it with our grandparents and has continued together, even now that we are adults. (Some years via FaceTime or Skype.)

However, now we spend more time in the kitchen with my mom, as well, but we still set up an iPad and watch our favorites and break out into song and dance.  Especially for the "sisters" number with Rosemary Clooney.

Our family structure may have changed several times over the years, adding my children, losing our grandparents, welcoming our "adopted" brother (a very dear friend of my sister since childhood, and when he came out to his family, the disowned him), but the movie tradition continues and singing sisters has always stayed.