The best swimwear for busty ladies, Lilly & Lime Swimwear.

Lilly & Lime swimwear is designed for women with bigger busts, D-cup and up. We offer three bikini top styles which support larger busts: Full Cup, Balconette and Underwire Halter, available in bra sizes ranging from 28D-38HH. The bikini brief styles: Full Brief, Basic Brief and Hipster Tie are available in sizes 8-18. Lilly & Lime is based in Australia but we offer free shipping worldwide. Please note all prices are shown in Australian dollars.

Firstly, I love companies that are owned and operated by people who get the "small" things in life.  My order can with a hand written note, and to me, that goes a long, long way!

Lilly & Lime is a great swimwear company that specializes in D cup and up swimsuits!  Now, I am in fact a busty lady, and I know that it is *almost* impossible to find swimsuits that can accommodate my measurement.  I was very eager to give this company a try because you order everything by bra size.  This will ensure a good fit.  The tops are sized european, so you will want to make sure you are measured correctly.

There is a good selection of fit, colors, patterns etc to choose from.  I, also, thought it was great that I could mix and match tops and bottoms. This means a lot of different color ways and styles to choose from.

I choose the underwire halter nectarine top, featured here, and the full floral brief, feature here.  I had to have my friend, Anna, push me outside my comfort zone, and not order an all black swimsuit.  I am glad I branched out!

My favorite thing about this suit is that it fits like a bra and is very, very comfortable.  The quality of this suit is super impressive!  I can't wait to add more to my swimwear collection.

The other thing is I need to find time to actually go swimming, before this summer slips away.  (I haven't been once, yet, this year.)

I hope you find something great to "support" your swimming habit!

Stay Sweet,

Ghost Bed Review!

Talk about being a lucky duck, Ghost Bed, send me a mattress for review!  Johnny O and I had been sort of chatting about mattresses, when low and behold, I got the opportunity to review a new mattress!  Now, here is where the tricky part was going to be.  I am a lover of "hug beds" (as I like to call them)  I love a soft mattress that will just swallow me up.  Johnny is a lover of firm beds.  I think he would be just as comfortable sleeping on the driveway, as he would a firm mattress.  I was really concerned that we were going to not be able to agree on this new mattress.  HOWEVER, this bed is really the best of both worlds!

Getting a mattress, in the mail, in a box, is kind of a new experience.  It is also kind of wonderful.  The big box arrived, and I honestly couldn't wait to get home to open it and try it out.

The first night was AMAZING!  I haven't slept that well in YEARS.  Johnny was a little behind the curve, as he originally thought the bed was "hot" and made him super hot, but he always was in the process of quitting nicotine, so we are chalking that up to a side effect.  I was in a blissful cloud of wonderment!

We post a video review below of what we thought after one week of sleeping on heaven.  

If you are looking for a new bed or a new mattress, please check out Ghost Bed.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Stay Sweet
Katty Delux

Doll face Betty's Hair Wraps

Tammy, from Dollface Bettys sent me an adorable hair wrap.  The best part is, it is reversible!  

I styled it two ways, since there were two sides, and I have to admit, this lady has hair wraps down to a science.  It is a perfect width and length.  I have worked with a lot of "hair wraps" before, and a lot of times they are just two wide and end up laying in your hair, or on your head, in a very awkward way.

With all the different patterns and designs, I know you can find one that suits your personality, or wardrobe.

They are cotton and come pressed and ready to use immediately.  Please stop by her Facebook page, give it a "like" and get some hair wraps for yourself!

Stay Sweet,
Katty Delux